Engineering and Design

Additional Products, Accessories and Engineering Services Pump Station Piping Systems

  • Suction and Discharge Headers
  • Pressure and Control Regulators
  • Manifolds and Valves

Engineering Studies

  • Structural Skid Design Calculations
  • Torsional Vibration Analysis 
  • Piping Acoustical Vibration Analysis

Specialized Control System

  • PLC Control Systems
  • Graphics Displays 
  • Variable Speed Governors

Hazardous Area Locations

  • Zone 2 Diesel Engine Packages
  • Class 1, Group C, D, Division 2 
  • Exhaust Cooling System 
  • Flame Proofing

When it comes to engine driven pump packages, there are few international engineering standards governing the design and manufacturing of these reciprocating and rotating assemblies.  Most petroleum companies and many engineering contractors have developed their own specifications; therefore, suppliers of this type of equipment have to adapt and design to different requirements and specifications on every project.

Pump Systems International, Inc. has many years of experience in highly specialized field, and we are familiar with a wide variety of applications and products.  We have learned the proper engineering and design methods to manufacture these custom pump packages.  Pump Systems International ensures that your system will operate properly as a single unit along with all of its auxiliary systems, such as cooling systems, starting systems, controls and instrumentation, etc.

Pump Systems International provides a vast array of engineering experience on every project.  Engineers with different areas of expertise are available to work on the design and delivery of your system.  Sales engineers can assist in sizing and determining the type of pumping equipment best suited for the application.  These engineers can also furnish preliminary budgetary quotations, technical information and sample specifications to assist in planning your next project.

Our project managers are qualified engineers who coordinate and communicate with the customer throughout a project on all issues including furnishing all contract documentation for approval, manufacturing and as-built drawings and record documentation.  Additionally, these engineers coordinate with the customer, or the engineering contractor, to install the equipment and assist with technical information to facilitate equipment installation, and coordinate scheduling and inspections.  They are also available to witness testing with customer or his inspector.

Our design engineers are involved in your project from early on and carefully select and review all the components of each package to ensure compatibility and proper operation of the system as a complete unit.  Only top quality components from reputable manufacturers are selected.  All customer specifications are carefully monitored throughout the process to guarantee all contract requirements are met.

Pump Systems International engineers and our highly skilled technicians travel world wide to remote pumping stations and installations.  We offer installation technical audits and assistance, as well as startup and technical support.